Month: July 2018

Water Project

1Monestary & School - Water Project

Water project – “Drinking Water” Lately I have had the pleasure of starting a water project at a Monastery & school in Chantebury a couple of hours south of Pattaya. At the same time I inspected 4 schools in the area with the intention of doing the same. This is

Safe Drinking Water

Safe Drinking water

Safe Drinking Water Safe Drinking Water is water that is intended to be ingested by humans. Water of sufficient quality to serve as drinking water is termed potable water whether it is used as such or not. Although many sources are utilised by humans, some contain disease vectors or pathogens

Water Management Part 2

Swimming pool Water management

Water management Over the last few weeks I have been getting quite a few enquiries for renovation of swimming pools and water management. Pattaya has many old swimming pools and a lot of them are suffering of old age. I am actually surprised at what I have been encountering. Mostly