Fiberglass pools

Fiberglass pools

Why Fiberglass pools

They are easy to install and maintain. “What people like most about a fiberglass pool is its simplicity,” Factory-molded fiberglass pools drop right into a hole dug in your backyard, and that ease is matched by their short- and long-term maintenance. Because fiberglass pools come ready to insert, installation usually only takes around 7 – 10 days, compared to 8 – 12 weeks for a concrete shell pool.
Fiberglass pools also need fewer chemicals than concrete because the nonporous surface keeps the pH balanced and prevents algae. Alkaline-based concrete requires additional acid and sanitizer to achieve the same results. The fiberglass shell has significantly better temperature retention and energy efficiency.

Concrete’s primary asset is that it’s not limited by size or design, but with fiberglass’ increased selection, homeowners have more choices than ever. Our inventory offers many different shapes, including Jacuzzi & Swim Jet options which has jets designed for cross training and physical therapy.

Ease of Installation

Because of their size and ease of installation, fiberglass pools are the top choice for smaller properties. “Fiberglass is for small- to medium-size pools, which is a fair percent of the market.” Fiberglass pools are constructed from a mold in a factory, which is why you have fewer options to customize the size and shape. For more options, check out our “Modular Panel” System.
Surface Finish

The inside finish is what you see when the pool is in the ground for you to swim in. It’s applied as a gel and then hardens through polymerization (chemical bonding that strengthens it). For obvious reasons, it’s called a gelcoat. It’s super smooth and durable, and it’s algae-resistant, which is awesome for you in long-term maintenance.

The resin

Every time we apply chopped fiberglass, we mix and apply it with either vinyl ester resin or polyester resin. The resin works as an adhesive so that the fiberglass sticks to itself and to the surrounding layers of the pool shell.

The Australian owned B.O.I. (Board of Investment Thailand) factory offer a ten year guarantee. Double Gelcoat & a unique “Speckle” finish. Exporting to Australia and many nearby countries!

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