Modular pools

Modular pools

Modular Pools

Modular pools are the most versatile as they can be installed anywhere a conventional pool cannot.

Examples include roof tops, hard to access areas and many more.

Modular pools utilise the latest composite technology to create exciting modern pools.

Using prefabricated modular panels. We can design any size of domestic or commercial pool with a choice of finishes suited to your requirements.

Fast and easy to install, modular pools are perfect for remote or roof top installations. The modular components are designed and manufactured using the latest computer aided machinery for precision.

We can work with architects, Engineers and Contractors to incorporate a modular pool into almost any project.


  • Neutra
  • Rectangular form
  • A contemporary revival of pure form
  • Standard panels available in 3×3 and 7×3
  • Floor Level
  • Standard level available for a flat bottom pool are 1.350m.
  • Standard panel heights are 1.5m.
    • Completed finishes

    • Modular panels are treated post installation for a complete tile finish. In situ Fibreglass tape is applied to seal joints between panels.
    • Spectrum tiles waterproofing is applied across all surfaces. The internal tile finish is applied and finished using Spectrum tiles glue and grout.
    • Combination finishes
    • Modular pools can coordinate several finishes for a unique swimming pool experience Including
    • Natural Stone, Tiles, Quartzon, Pebble Finish, Plaster Finish, Slate and Gel Coat
    • Internal finishes
    • Floor and Wall finishes, Including, Natural Stone, Tiles, Quartzon, Pebble Finish, Plaster Finish, Slate and Gel Coat
    • For a complete range of tiles available see our preferred supplier Spectrum Tiles
    • Special Projects
    • Manufacture and installation process for a combination finish modular pool
    • Do you have an inaccessible place, unusual area, difficult place where you would want a pool?
    • Well our unique “Modular Panel “system is your answer.
    • Be it difficult access or roof top that will hold the water weight – then modular panel pool may be the answer.