!pool videos


“Domestic Renovation”

85 sq/m. Take out old kitchen tiles that where broken & dangerous. Prepare for PebbleCrete surface. New sandstone coping & steps. Apply “Aqua Marine Blue” PebbleCrete

“Partial Renovation”

All jacuzzi & seating area at end of pool stripped of tiles and some wall repairs done. Prepared & “Aqua marine Blue” PebbleCrete applied. loose tiles replaced in the remainder of pool and re-grouted. 3 new LED lights installed.Filter media changed to “Eco Clear” recycled glass media.

“Exclusive Residence Pool Upgrade”

Old grout taken out. Old travertine taken out & replaced with man made white granite. Some repairs done. re-grouted. Installed “Pura Pool” Salt Chlorinator. Arguably the best on the market. Recharged the filter with “Eco Clear” recycled plate glass.




Visit one month later visit. “Beautiful”.